We Business Bay Consultancy fze offer customized service for new company formation & registration over all free zone & Non free zone in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our Quality Assurance Service offers a menu of reviews, Assessments and other services to support and guide your implementation to its Successful fulfillment.

Our team of experts will guide you through each and every step of new company formation and also offer Business consultancy and PRO Services (VIP) for the companies extending their business in United Arab Emirates.

We serve on a wide range of domestic, regional and multinational clients in the region and are recognized as market leaders in multiple business areas.
Our daily challenges are acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge in different Rules and regulations in United Arab Emirates as well as an up-to-date knowledge of the latest Technologies and utilizing this knowledge to maximize the value added services to our clients.


We believe that our client’s success is our success. we believe in professionalism, we consistently maintain high standards for service and consultants to be always able to bring the best team of senior consultants to bear on every single project.

Setting up a new business can be quite challenging especially when you are entering into a new market. You have to be very sure with what you wanted to do and how you want to do it.

When you come to BUSINESS BAY CONSULTANCY we not take just documents from you to start getting your trade license, but we first sit down with you to discuss what exactly you are trying to achieve with your recent investment and then we suggest what is best for you.

You can either be setting up a new business with a diversified idea , investing in an industry where you enjoy extensive experience already or setting up a branch of an existing business running anywhere in the world.


  • Desire for Excellence
  • Trust and confidence build-up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork


  • Motivation
  • Collective responsibility and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Adding values to our client needs


Almost every company has something about client focus in its mission statement. The larger the service organization, the more executives tend to insulate themselves from clients. Some rely on client-satisfaction surveys and focus groups. Others simply assume that clients are just like them! These kinds of service companies end up delivering services that suit them, not their clients.
Well, we do not …!

We understand that our clients work in all sorts of business sectors and industries and may be senior managers, middle management or junior staff members. They have different business goals, with different needs, even their cultures and their business environments might be different. Despite these differences they share a number of common goals. They may wish to develop a competitive edge to maintain their business growth in increasingly

competitive work environments Achieve business goals to have the minimum impact for Interruptions.


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